Will 2023 QB class go down as the best in Rivals history?

As most people who follow the NFL Draft know, quarterbacks are often drafted earlier than projections because the demand not only for an elite quarterback but also for a usable quarterback is so high. This year’s crop of elite signal callers looks to be one of the best, and not just in recent years, but perhaps in Rivals history.

In the recruiting world, the quarterback classes of 2018, 2021, and 2007 are the standards against which all others are compared. Trevor Lawrence and Justin Fields went 1-2 atop Rivals2018250, while Quinn Ewers and Caleb Williams led the way for Rivals2021250 at numbers 1 and 6, respectively. The 2007 class was led by Jimmy Clausen, Ryan Mallett, Tyrod Taylor, and Cam Newton.

The 2023 class of quarterbacks should already be considered one of the best and deepest of all time.

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1. The 2023 class includes the top 70 QBs from the Rivals era.

Dante Moore

Dante Moore (Nick Lucero/Rivals.com)

With Arch Manning, Dante Moore, Nico Yamaleava, Malachi Nelson, Jackson Arnold, Christopher Vizzini, Jaden Rashada, Austin Novosad, and JJ Kohl in the Rivals250 top 70, the 2023 class has more top-ranked quarterbacks than any class in the story.

“These are just projections and it’s hard to say this may be the best class ever at Rivals as they are just starting their senior seasons,” the Rivals national scouting director said. Adam Gorney. “Especially with guys like Trevor Lawrence and Justin Fields, who have certainly backed up the standings and are now NFL starters. Then there’s the 2021 class with Quinn Ewers, who looks set to burst in Texas, and USC’s Caleb Williams, who could potentially be one of the first quarterbacks taken in the draft after this year.”

That said, Gorney won’t deny that the depth of the 2023 class is impressive.

“When you look at the totality of this class, there’s definitely some top-notch talent out there, with Arch Manning, Dante Moore, Nico Yamaleava, and Malachi Nelson all offering different things and specialties,” Gorney said. “Then there’s tremendous depth as well. I think Jackson Arnold is a guy who is a potential five-star quarterback. JJ Kohl was very surprised at the Elite 11, not only with his size but his ability to move and throw the ball.

“Austin Novosad isn’t a physically fulfilled guy yet, but Baylor could be very, very special. Even if they don’t have the name recognition, or the college or NFL success of those other guys in previous years, I don’t think there’s any doubt that this is a very, very high class of quarterbacks Will they all be throwing No. Have we ever missed any guys? Absolutely. But when you look at the lineup guys – plus that depth in this position – I think it’s been a really special year.”

Classes with the most top 70 Rivals250 QBs


2. QBs dominate the overall top 10 in 2023.

Nico Yamaleava

Nico Yamaleava (Nick Lucero/Rivals.com)

The Class of 2023 has become the second member of two very exclusive clubs with this ranking update. Only the second class (along with 2021) to have four quarterbacks in the Rivals250 top 10. Additionally, it is the second class (along with 2018) to have three quarterbacks in the Rivals250 top five.

How does the band of Arch Manning, Dante Moore, Nico Yamaleava, and Malachi Nelson compare to Quinn Ewers, Caleb Williams, Brock Vandagriff, and Ty Thompson? Or the top three in 2023 versus Trevor Lawrence, Justin Fields, and JT Daniels?

“We obviously knew that Trevor Lawrence was a very talented guy, and Justin Fields was there to push for that No. 1 spot as well, but they weren’t necessarily the success of Trevor Lawrence and Justin Fields of Clemson and the Ohio State when they were in high school,” Gorney said. “I remember Lawrence didn’t have such a good week at the Army Bowl and we were still convinced he was the best player with the best projection in college and the NFL Draft. I don’t think we’re nearly there. convinced with Arch Manning at No. 1.

“There is absolutely an opportunity for others to get into this spot throughout the senior season and all-star games. One of the benefits of having so much quality and quantity in this class is that we don’t We’re really locked in nobody at No. 1, but if I had to guess, it wouldn’t be a quarterback at that position.”

Classes with the most QB Rivals250 in the top 10

Classes with the most QB Rivals250 in the top 5


3. The 2023 QB class ranks as the deepest of the Rivals era.

Jackson Arnold

Jackson Arnold (Rivals.com)

The sheer volume of top quarterbacks in this class is evident when looking at the prospects who are still in pursuit of their fifth star. Jackson Arnold and Christopher Vizzini have traits that could easily push them even higher in the Rivals250. Jaden Rashada, Austin Novosad, and JJ Kohl bring a lot of different talent and skills to the field, but each of them projects themselves as high-caliber starters to the next level.

“Looking back at this 2021 class, there’s still a lot to be determined,” Gorney said. “Caleb Williams failed. Quinn Ewers is a projected starter in Texas, but hasn’t done much yet and has already been traded. Ty Thompson is kind of waiting his turn. Brock Vandagriff is also waiting his turn on a team that just won the national championship with a returning quarterback.

“Five-star quarterbacks aren’t guys who need to immediately step up and make an impact in college, but they’re guys who should be in that mix and then be projected as first-round picks. Personally, I think that the four we have in 2023 are much more advanced at the same stage as the 2021 class. At the same stage, 2023 is looking better than 2021 but it could also be a reflection of these guys not doing or not doing much in college yet.”