A Look Inside the New Staten Island Alamo Drafthouse Cinema and The Flying Guillotine | Hi-Def Ninja – Blu-ray SteelBooks – Pop Culture

The Staten Island Alamo Drafthouse Cinema, New York’s fourth theater, officially opened to the public on Saturday, August 14. Alamo Drafthouse founder and owner Tim League, along with frontman of the rap group Wu-Tang Clan RZA (who helped design The Flying Guillotine theater bar) and management staff were all on hand to officially celebrate the opening of the theater with nine auditoriums and 893 seats.

Although Staten Island is a bit out of the way, unless you live there like me, each Drafthouse is chosen based on how easy it is to get to. Located on Hylan Boulevard, the theater is minutes from several points in New York and New Jersey and is fairly accessible for those in Manhattan via the Staten Island Ferry and a quick ride on the Staten Island Railroad.

Kung Fu. Kung fu is most definitely the theme for the newest addition to the Alamo Drafthouse family, which was born out of the theater’s collaboration with RZA, the founder of Staten Island hip hop group Wu-Tang Clan who, for those who don’t know it, was heavily inspired by kung fu movies. As soon as you enter the lobby and are greeted by the theater’s kung-fu-themed banner showcasing the vastness of kung fu film history as well as the theater’s bar The Flying Guillotine, the theater’s theme certainly cannot be missed. In the theater, there is a small lobby with classic arcade games and a claw game as well as a merchandise wall.